The Veterinary Expert Group is dedicated to innovations and product development for Small Animal and Large Animal Surgery

The AO Technical Commission is responsible for the development and clinical testing of new devices and their educational concepts, in collaboration with its industrial partners. 

Specialty Technical Commissions and various Expert Groups work together with engineers on finding solutions to known clinical problems.

The Veterinary Expert Group (VEEG) works towards improving patient care across species.

The VEEG welcomes the input from innovative surgeons throughout the product development process.
  • Veterinary Expert Group

    Michael Kowaleski, USA (Small Animal)

    Vet Members:
    Erik Asimus, France (Small Animal)
    Loïc Déjardin, USA (Small Animal)
    Christoph Lischer, Germany (Large Animal)
    Fabrice Rossignol, France (Large Animal)
    Brian Saunders, USA (Small Animal)
    Jeffrey Watkins, USA (Large Animal)

    Randy Boudrieau, USA (Small Animal)

AO Technical Commission Approved Solutions

Explore the full list of AO Technical Commission Approved Solutions for veterinary surgery


Any surgeon who sees a clinical need for a new or improved solution for implants, instruments, or techniques is invited to participate.

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The AO Technical Commission is responsible for the development and clinical testing of these devices as well as their educational concepts.

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