Research grants

Funding opportunities for applied research that support clinical issues relevant to the veterinary field
From traditional research grants to investigator training

AOVET is working on the development of training grants for young investigators, better opportunities for structured research mentoring of young trainees, and the introduction of new, innovative surgical training courses on best practices in preclinical animal research.

AOVET will also act as a resource across the AO group to facilitate the most ethical appropriate use of animals in research. 


Open call for research projects

The next open call for veterinary research projects will be announced in Spring 2019. 

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AO Research Institute (ARI)

AO Research Institute Davos (ARI)

This is where the scientists work to improve the performance of surgical procedures, devices, and substances.

AO Strategy Fund

AO Strategy Fund

The AO Strategy Fund was approved by the AO Foundation Board (AOFB) in 2013, with an overall budget of CHF 15 million. The Fund is dedicated to supporting strategically important new initiatives.

AO Development Incubator

AO Development Incubator

The AO Development Incubator (AODI) supports inventors to build and execute project plans towards a proof-of-concept.

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