Transfer your practical knowledge experience by teaching at educational events
Share your knowledge with the next generation of surgeons. 

We encourage enthusiastic AO VET members to become teachers and educators and join the AO VET faculty community.

Become AO VET faculty

Submit your faculty application form and two recommendation letter at the link below. Your application will be discussed at the next regional board meeting.

Send application



AO VET Faculty Lounge

Access the brand new AO VET Faculty Lounge and find all necessary teaching materials for your upcoming course, submit your reimbursements, or update your personal profile

Faculty Development Programs

Developed by AO Foundation, it aims to foster and support faculty to provide the best possible teaching at clinical educational events



Faculty Education Program

Improve your educational abilities, knowledge, and expertise through practical skills

Chairperson Education Program

Learn all you need to succeed as chairperson of an AO educational event or course

Leader Education Program

Learn important skills in order to lead teams effectively and manage educational projects

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