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AO VET is offering webinars, case discussions, live lectures, and expert advice sessions in the coming weeks

31 March 2020


As the COVID-19 pandemic increasingly constrains travel and forces the postponement or cancellation of many AO VET educational events, rest assured that we are constantly monitoring the situation and that we will keep you updated on developments via our various media platforms.

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In response to these unprecedented developments, AO VET is preparing an array of online activities that we will be offering in the weeks ahead—including webinars, case discussions, live lectures, and expert advice sessions.

We are also reaching out to you to solicit additional ideas, topics, and online activities that you believe will benefit our AO VET community. Please do contact AO VET Education Manager Tobias Hövekamp in this regard.

And remember, AO VET Plus members enjoy many additional privileges, including:

  • Online access to ScienceDirect and scientific journals like Veterinary Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology, and Veterinary Surgery
  • Direct access to Orthovetsupersite
  • Online access to VetMed Resource (CABI)
  • Access to the AO VET member directory
  • PDF version of AO Principles of Fractures in the Dog and Cat

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Also, don’t forget that MyAO is your digital gateway to expertise, education, and innovation.

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Ignacio Calvo
Ignacio (Nacho) Calvo from Madrid (Spain), member of the AO VET European Board and EU representative of the Education Commission, shares what the current situation means for him, and what challenges he is facing, in this video.

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Carl Kirker-Head
AO VET International Chairperson

Alessandro Piras
AO VET Education Chairperson

Cassio Ferrigno
AO VET Community Development Chairperson

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