Explore the governance structure behind AO VET

How is AO VET governance structured?

The International Board manages the clinical division strategically on a global level and the four regional boards (Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America) are responsible for all educational activities on a local level.

The AO VET commissions (Education, Community Development, and R&D) are responsible for establishing standards, coordinating and leveraging ideas, and ensuring best practices.

Regional Boards

  • Asia Pacific Board

    Christopher Riggs, Hong Kong

    Board members:
    Junya Ogawa, Japan
    Christopher Tan, Australia
    ChiaMing Chang, Taiwan
    Lucas Beierer, Australia




  • European Board

    Toby Gemmill, UK 

    Board members:
    Gareth Arthurs, UK
    Jan Bokemeyer, Germany
    Stefan Scharvogel, Germany
    Christophorus Lischer, Germany

  • Latin American Board

    Tomás Guerrero, Grenada

    Board members:
    Francisco Corral, Argentina
    Vanessa Ferraz, Brazil
    Diego Quinteros, Argentina

  • North American Board

    José Garcia-Lopez, USA 

    Board members:
    Shantibhushan Jha, USA
    Janik Gasiorowski, USA
    Denis Marcellin-Little, USA
    Laurent Guiot, USA
    Kyla Ortved, USA


  • Community Development Commission

    Bruno Peirone, Italy

    Commission members:
    Jan Bokemeyer (EU)
    Vanessa Ferraz (LAT)
    Janik Gasiorowski (NA)
    ChiaMing Chang (AP)

  • Education Commission

    Mark Glyde, Australia

    Commission members:
    Stefan Scharvogel (EU)
    Laurent Guiot (NA)
    Javier Corral (LAT)
    Christopher Tan (AP)

  • R&D Commission

    Kenneth Johnson, Australia

    Commission members:
    Gareth Arthurs (EU)
    Diego Quinteros (LAT)
    Junya Ogawa (AP)
    Kyla Ortved (NA)

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