myAO's secure groups feature takes interaction to the next level


15 September 2020

myAO groups

This month sees the launch of a secure new feature that enables surgeons to engage directly with each other in an environment safe from the practice of selling user data.

myAO enables you to engage with the AO's global community of verified veterinarians. This new groups functionality gives you the chance to join or create groups that are public or private (invitation only) with your AO network peers.

Groups have been launched for all clinical areas, and those already available in your field for you to join include:

One of the many advantages of the groups feature on myAO is the seamless connection it offers with other members of the AO's global network. Its intuitive design supports you as you reach out to your peers, wherever they are in the world, to discuss cases, new developments, or preferred approaches.

Find out how myAO groups works by watching this short video:

myAO is constantly looking to respond to the network's needs, and new features are launched regularly. On myAO you benefit from direct integration with AO VET videos, surgery reference, leading veterinary journals, and more.

This environment is one you can trust: safe from advertising and protected from third parties. You can be certain that, unlike available alternatives, the data and information you share on myAO groups is secure now, and in the future.

myAO is a growing part of the AO's online offerings, and an essential part of the digital transformation that is underway. Across the AO, and in particular at myAO, we welcome active feedback from participants. If you see aspects of your myAO experience that can be improved to better meet your needs, please let us know.

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