AO VET Global Data Survey Outcome

Taking the results to the next level

31 July 2020

Earlier this year AO VET invited veterinary surgeons with a particular interest in companion animal orthopedics to participate in an online survey on the use of owner-based questionnaires (owner/carer-reported outcome measurements—OROMs) in the clinical routine of canine orthopedics.

Many thanks to the 464 veterinary surgeons who completed the survey!

Overall, 32.3% (N=142) of surgeons reported using OROMs; with 45.8% using OROMs for research purposes only and 54.2% using them in their daily clinical work. The Liverpool Osteoarthritis for Dogs (LOAD) questionnaire and the Canine Brief Pain Inventory (CBPI) were the OROMs most frequently known (LOAD 40.8%, CBPI 37.2%, N=441) and used (LOAD 57.0%, CBPI 43.0%, N=142). There was consensus on the usefulness of OROMs amongst participants. The majority of veterinary surgeons are willing to implement OROMs, if an adequate tool would be available. 

We are now taking this project to the next level:

As part of the AO Global Data initiative, AO VET, in collaboration with the AO Innovation Translation Center (AO ITC) is developing a COMPREHENSIVE CANINE MUSCULOSKELETAL REGISTRY. Available later this year, this owner-reported outcomes solution will help you improve outcomes and drive research.

This will transform evidence-based data into a powerful tool for veterinarians, patient owners/carers, researchers, communities and policy makers, to make informed decisions in promoting excellence in patient care and outcomes worldwide.

Are you a clinician or researcher interested in engaging into a dialogue to ensure the developments will be perfectly aligned with your clinical needs?

If you want to get involved with the development of the world’s most comprehensive orthopedic outcomes registry, please contact the AO VET lead of this project Dr Heidi Radke (, European and Royal College Veterinary Specialist in Small Animal Surgery (Orthopedics), University of Cambridge, UK.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

Dr. Heidi Radke, AO VET lead AO Global Data project


Prof. Matthew Allen, AO VET International Board and chairperson of the AO VET R&D Commission


Dr. Alexander Joeris, Head of Clinical Science, AO ITC

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