Bruno Peirone is new AO VET Community Development Commission chairperson-elect

A bridge to the future

21 July 2020

Bruno Peirone course Oxford

Bruno Peirone (center) teaching at an AO VET course.

With nearly 30 years of AO VET involvement to his credit, newly elected AO VET Community Development Chairperson-Elect Bruno Peirone, PhD, looks forward to serving as a bridge to the clinical division’s future.

Peirone, a professor of orthopedics at the University of Turin (Italy) Department of Veterinary Sciences, took office in early July 2020, following elections in June. For the next year, he will serve with current AO VET Community Development Commission Chairperson Cassio Ferrigno (Brazil), and will begin a two-year term as chairperson in July 2021.

“I have received so much from the AO and AO VET in terms of knowledge, friendship and international exposure that I now would like to give back to this great organization,” Peirone said.

Particularly in these challenging post-pandemic times, he brings a wide range of valuable experiences to AO VET community development: broad experience as a professor and teacher of young veterinarians, international involvement with the European Society of Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology (ESVOT) and the Italian Companion Animal Veterinary Association (SCIVAC), and solid relationships with veterinary surgery colleagues worldwide. He has served on the AO VET International Board and as an AO VET faculty member and course chair.

Digital transformation

“The AO is undergoing a big digital transformation which was intensified and hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Peirone explained. “Community development is heavily involved in this transformation and plays a significant role in this process. Our AO VET brand is strong and well recognized, and we need to ensure that it remains relevant in both the real world and the digital environment.”

The pandemic has underscored the importance of—and the need for—digital learning opportunities, he said.

“It is essential for AO VET to stay in the global veterinary community’s mind and that we are positioned as the best-in-class educational organization worldwide,” Peirone said. “We need to keep and transfer AO VET’s traditional values and prestige while adapting to the new circumstances.”

Reaching out

He also supports rejuvenating AO VET’s membership base and becoming more diverse by reaching out to young veterinary surgeons and offering both face-to-face, on-site educational opportunities and online learning.

“This is especially important today, when many surgeons are not able to travel to face-to-face, on-site courses due to travel restrictions or lack of financial resources,” he explained, adding that AO VET must engage young professionals and empower them to become the AO VET leaders of the future.

Strategic perspective

In terms of community development strategy, Peirone advocates working closely with the AO VET Education Commission, developing new, relevant educational content across and in collaboration with the regions, forging collaborations with universities and other organizations around the world, and fostering community development relationships across the other AO clinical divisions.

“AO VET is an outstanding organization with a lot of regional diversity,” Peirone said, explaining that he sees himself as a leader who builds bridges across the regions and to reach the next generations of veterinary surgeons.

Bruno Peirone
“AO VET changed my professional and personal life. For me, the greatest value of AO VET is to be a part of a community of orthopaedic surgeons and friends, with the common passion to improve the quality of life of our patients. I am proud to be part of the AO VET family.”

Bruno Peirone

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