Call for applications for the AO VET Community Development Commission Chairperson

AO VET is seeking for candidates for the AO VET Community Development Commission position

02 June 2020

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Don't miss this opportunity to get involved! AO VET seeks for:

A highly motivated individual dedicated to sharing and encouraging ideas across professional and cultural boundaries. The successful applicant will lead the AO VET Community Development Commission (CDC) members to develop and manage a diverse worldwide network of surgeons. He/she needs to be able to work in a multi-cultural environment and is expected to have the vision to lead and contribute to the AO VET Community. In this role, he/she will also help AO VET set new standards, and position AO VET as the leading global community of experts in the field of animal trauma care.

AO VET invites potential candidates who fulfill the requirements provided in the job description to submit their completed applications by June 22, 2020 23:55 CET to AO VET Executive Director Eberhard Denk.


Please see the job description for details.


Chairperson, AO VET Community Development Commission


1 year as Chair-elect followed by 2 years as full Chair, renewable upon election for one term of 3 years as full Chair term

Required Documents:

To apply, please submit the following documents:

  • The AO VET Summary of Curriculum Vitae Form with a recent passport-size portrait photo-graph. If you have any difficulty uploading your photo, please forward a photo of yourself in one of the common electronic formats (eg, JPEG or BMP) along with your application. 
  • A signed letter of intent (three pages maximum) describing your goals and priorities as future AO VET Community Development Commission chairperson 
  • Signed AO Foundation Code of Ethics and Conduct
  • Optional: complete professional curriculum vitae 

How will my application be processed?

Please submit your documents via email to Eberhard Denk.

All applications will be treated as strictly confidential.

The AO VET International Board acts as Nominating Committee and will evaluate applicants’ cre-dentials and eligibility and establish a list of qualified candidates for election.

Who gets to cast a vote?

The AO VET International Board has recently approved a fundamental change in the election proce-dure for regional board members. The electorate now consists of:

  • Voting members of the AO VET International Board
  • Voting members of the AO VET Regional Boards
  • Voting members of the AO VET Global Commissions

The successful candidate will be announced in July 2020. The elected candidate will assume his/her position as Chair-elect of the AO VET Community Development Commission in July 2020.


Thank you for your interest in—and your support of—AO VET. We wish the applicants every success!


AO VET team

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