AO Surgery Reference

New AO VET dog and cat patella modules

01 June 2020

The dog and cat distal patella modules have been added to the AO Surgery Reference (AO SR) web application. The new anatomical region modules, authored by AO VET faculty member Denis Marcellin-Little, bring new value to the AO SR by providing step-by-step support for veterinary surgeons to think through surgical cases.

Amy Kapatkin was executive editor. General editor for the two new modules was Noel Moens.

The two new modules further enrich the AO SR, a highly accessible resource for the management of fractures, based on current clinical principles, practices and available evidence. Adding to the AO SR’s value is the fact that it is a living resource. Because it is a web application, content can be continuously and seamlessly added as science evolves, and it is available directly and immediately on users’ smartphones.


To access the dog modules on the AO Surgery Reference, please visit

To access the cat modules, please visit

To access the horse modules, please visit

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