Vanessa Ferraz elected as Latin America Regional Board Member


20 April 2020

Vanessa Ferraz
AO VET is pleased to announce Vanessa Ferraz' election to the Latin American Regional Board. She was elected with an absolute majority vote to a three-year term, which begins in July 2020. In her new role she will serve as the board’s delegate to the AO VET Community Development Commission.


Veterinarian, Head of surgery, and successful business manager

Ferraz graduated from McKenzie Presbyterian University (São Paulo, Brazil) in 2001 with a degree in biology. She earned her degree in veterinary medicine from the University of São Paulo (USP) in 2005, and went on to earn a master's degree and a PhD in small animal surgery at USP.

She has published 25 papers, presented 13 projects and 80 lectures at conferences, and as a college professor she has taught orthopedic surgery to more than 800 students. In the past five years, she has dedicated herself to developing her own practice, which today is widely known for the complex surgeries it performs.

In 2018, she and her family relocated to Florida, USA, but her practice in Brazil remains open and thriving with her managing it remotely. She goes back to Brazil regularly to operate on complex cases and to work with her employees.

In her current function she acts not only as veterinarian and head of surgery, but also as a manager, which has allowed her to gain a lot of experience in the management of a successful business.

Part of a diversity milestone

Throughout her education and career, the AO had played an important role. "My AO VET experience began when I took my first principles course in Ohio in 2008, followed by the advanced course in 2009,” she said. By 2010, she was a table instructor at the first AO VET course in Brazil, a role she repeated in 2013. She has served as national faculty for AO VET principles and advances courses in Brazil and was table instructor for the region’s first master course in limb deformity.

In 2016, she made AO VET history with her involvement as the local director an AO VET course completely directed and taught only by women.

In 2017, Ferraz was a national faculty member in the advanced course in Brazil, and in 2018, she was chairperson of the first avian and exotics master course in Croatia; in 2019, she chaired the second avian and exotics master course in Brazil.

Diversity and female empowerment are topics that lie very close to her heart. Ferraz is a mother of three (her children are nine, seven and five-year-old). She was pregnant through many of these events and raising her children during many of these assignments.

We congratulate Vanessa Ferraz for the election and wish her all the best and lots of success in her new role at AO VET!

Vanessa Ferraz
“I have made many lasting friendships and consider the AO as a second family. I have been part of AO VET Latin America since it was still an idea and have been able to help it grow. I look forward to continuing to be part of AO VET Latin America’s history.”

Vanessa Ferraz

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