Newly elected and re-elected AO VET regional board members

Advancing AO VET’s mission across its regions around the world is the shared priority of recently elected regional board members for AO VET Latin America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

24 July 2018

AOVET New Regional Board members
Elected to the AO VET Latin America Regional Board was Francisco Javier Corral (Argentina). Jan Bokemeyer (Germany) and Ignacio Calvo (Spain) are newly elected AO VET Europe Regional Board members, and Chris Riggs (Hong Kong) was reelected as the large animal representative to the AO VET Asia Pacific Regional Board. Serving the board for the next years as small animal representatives will be Chris Tan (Australia), Jason Yeh (Taiwan) and Yasu Izumisawa (Japan).

AO VET Latin America Regional Board

Francisco Javier CorralFrancisco Javier Corral, as the newly elected AO VET Latin America Regional Board Member, is an orthopedic surgeon and professor in the surgery department at the University of Buenos Aires Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital Surgery Service. An active AO VET member since 2010, Francisco has participated in a variety of AO VET educational events and since 2015 has been a local and regional AO VET faculty member. He convinced that seminars are an excellent first step in drawing surgeons closer to AO VET and that hands-on courses and small-group discussions of case studies are essential to participants internalizing concepts and changing the paradigm regarding fractures. He also thinks that AO VET Latin America has a very important opportunity, since by owning their own sets of instruments for different courses they have the independence and possibility to plan activities according to the needs of the region.

AOVET Europe Regional Board

Ignacio CalvoIgnacio Calvo, the son of an orthopedic surgeon, has been aware of the AO principles of fracture fixation since he was a child and attended his first AO VET Principles course in 2001. A veterinarian with Animal Bluecare Hospital Veterinary Specialist and Referral Centre in Málaga, Spain, he has lectured at advanced courses in the United Kingdom, served as regional faculty at courses across Europe, and chaired courses in Spain. He believes there is a broad scope for further developing AO VET’s strategic position in southern Europe, particularly in Spain and Portugal, and is convinced that AO VET can become the gold standard in veterinary orthopedics training. 

Jan BokemeyerNewly elected AO VET Europe Regional Board member Jan Bokemeyer owner of the Tierklinik Kalbach in Frankfurt, Germany, has been involved in several AO VET courses as a delegate or faculty member since 1997. From 2013–2018, he was in charge of the annual principles course in Giessen, Germany. He said that beyond orthopedic surgeons, few in Germany really know the AO’s history and importance in education and research; he believes more public relations activity is necessary to show the differences between the AO concepts and industry-driven courses. 

AO VET Asia Pacific Regional Board

Large animal representative

Chris RiggsChris Riggs, reelected as this board’s large animal representative, looks forward to starting his new three-year term. A veterinarian with the Hong Kong Jockey Club’s Department of Veterinary Clinical Services Equine Hospital, Chris firmly believes in AO VET principles and appreciates the challenges the clinical division faces as international markets—including continuing professional education—become increasingly competitive, and he understands the need for AO VET courses to become increasingly financially self-sufficient.

Small animal representatives

Jason YehJason Yeh, who works at the National Taiwan University School of Veterinary Medicine’s Institute of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, was reelected as a small animal representative to the AO VET Asia Pacific Regional Board. Among his objectives are ensuring that the board’s objectives are achieved, supporting and promoting the AO VET business plan, protecting the best interests of AO VET Asia Pacific, and closely collaborating with AO VET members.


Yasu IzumisawaYasu Izumisawa, who is a director of Hokkaido Animal-Locomo Hospital (companion animal orthopedic specialty hospital first established in Japan in 2014) in Hokkoaido, Japan, was reelected as a small animal representative on the AO VET Asia Pacific Regional Board. He became AO VET’s first Japanese member in 1997 and was involved in organizing the first AO VET Principles Course in Japan in 2008. He looks forward to enhancing the potential of AO VET in Japan, strengthening friendships and ties between Asia Pacific Region member countries, and forming an AO VET Asia Pacific Region value chain to spur mutual development.

Chris TanNewly elected small animal representative Christopher Tan, a registered specialist in small animal surgery, is a fellow of both the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, and diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Surgeons. He attended his first AO educational event—a principles course—in 2009 and returned the following year for an advanced course. In 2011, he became an AO VET faculty member. He hopes to help further develop core curriculum for all courses while developing new courses and encouraging ongoing faculty training to ensure the highest teaching standards. 

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