AO VET leads AOPEER course

AOPEER's first European Level 1 Principles of Clinical Research course a big success

27 April 2018

AOPEER, with AO VET taking the lead, successfully conducted its first Level 1 Principles of Clinical Research course in Europe with participants from veterinary medicine as well as human trauma and craniomaxillofacial. The course took place April 7–8, 2018, in Cambridge (GB).  


Course Chairperson Dr Matthew Allen, Professor of Small Animal Surgery at the University of Cambridge (GB) and chair of the AO VET R&D Commission, said the event was “a wonderful opportunity to offer the Level 1 course to a mixed audience of veterinary and medical specialists.”

“The course participants were really interactive,” he said, “and the combination of plenary sessions and small group discussions worked very well."

To integrate the needs of veterinary researchers in the standardized AOPEER curriculum, Matthew enriched the course with discussions about parallels and differences in the conduct of clinical research with humans and animals. He also presented a self-developed specific lecture on ethical considerations relating to the use of animals in clinical or preclinical research. With AO VET being the central point of contact for the AO Foundation in terms of research with animals and AAALAC International, the cross- divisional courses from AOPEER prove to be an excellent platform to educate scientists and surgeons alike on these current and very relevant topics.

"As has been my experience throughout my time with AO, it was evident that there are far more similarities than differences in the ways that human and veterinary surgeons approach clinical care and clinical research," Matthew explained. "I am excited to see the AOPEER platform develop into an educational tool that will enhance the training of clinicians and improve the overall quality of the research that they undertake in the future."

Matthew's enthusiasm for research and its potential for improving patient care clearly had a positive effect on course participants.

"It was a very well organized and run course with interactive sessions,” one participant said. "There were great teachers, passionate about research. I enjoyed the two days here. Promising AOPEER website."

"As one of the few medics in the group, I just want to reiterate how useful this course was and that the orthopedic bias did not affect what I took from the course,” another participant said. “Thank you very much for the opportunity. Great speakers and relaxed/informal environment. I would recommend it to other residents."

Participants’ general consensus upon completing the course confirmed that it was an outstanding educational opportunity, with one participant exclaiming, "Excellent course – Brilliant!" 

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