AOVET start-up grants

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Research funding opportunities

Several means exist for securing competitive research grant funding.  

1. AOVET start-up grants

Each year, AOVET members are invited to submit pre-proposals for the competitive funding of studies addressing clinical focus areas of need.  Emphasis is given to providing seed money for individual researchers and research groups, to finance pilot studies and to support investigation of new and unconventional ideas or hypotheses. Successful applicants are subsequently invited to submit a detailed grant proposal which is reviewed and scored by 3 independent scientists under the supervision of the AO Research Review Commission. The highest scoring grant(s) can be funded up to CHF 50,000 annually for a maximum of 3 years.

2. ARI feasibility grants

AOVET members’ attention is also drawn to the AO Research Institute’s (ARI) Feasibility Grant program. These are one year long start-up grants of up to CHF 50,000. Though the principle investigator must be a member of ARI, co-investigators from outside of ARI are invited to seek ARI funding for their research initiatives.  Co-investigators who are awarded an ARI feasibility grant generally complete their research at ARI in Davos, CH.

3. Other AO research funding sources 

For researchers with established programs and special expertise in their fields, the opportunity to participate in collaborative relationships with other AO researches exists. Current programs focus on cartilage and bone repair and regeneration. For more information click here.

4. AO start-up grants

Since the beginning of 2017 the formerly centralized program for young investigators has been shifted to the Clinical Divisions.
The AO Foundation supported basic scientific, pre-clinical and clinical research in all areas of trauma, surgery of the musculoskeletal system and related problems with its start-up grant program administered by the AO’s Academic Council Grant Committee. Like the AOVET start-up grants, these too were intended primarily as seed grants with emphasis on funding young investigators or established investigators who are proposing novel or high-risk research. AOVET was represented on the AcC Grant Committee by Mark Markel DVM, PhD and Carl Kirker-Head MA, Vet MB. For more information click here.