Davos Courses 2017

21. August 2017

An interview with the course Chairs, Part 2

Chair Daniel Damur at Davos courses 2016 with two participants

​About Daniel Damur

Dr Daniel Damur is based in Chur, Switzerland, where he runs his own small animal practice. Damur has been involved with the AO Foundation since 1995, when he first served as a faculty support staff member.

Dr Damur, you became a faculty member in 1999, and started chairing a few years later. What do you enjoy most about chairing the Davos Courses?

I enjoy that, even as a chair member, I can still learn through the sharing of knowledge. Each year, I take away ideas, tips, and tricks from colleagues. I also find that the mountains create a special atmosphere for working together, for great discussions, and for social activities. It’s also nice to also be able to interact with surgeons from other clinical divisions. There is much to discuss, as the principles and healing processes are the same.

Daniel Damur

Can you share with us how you and Dr Vannini work together to develop the AOVET Course in Davos?

Dr Vannini and I have chaired the Davos Courses for a number of years. It has become a bit of a tradition for us. Our collaboration has brought consistency, and has enabled us to vary the course offering. This approach has resulted in a lot of repeat participants. In developing each of the courses, I focus on the practical exercise aspects, while Dr Vannini focuses on the scientific learning portion.

How was the turnout at Davos courses 2016?

Excellent. In 2016, the AOVET course was completely full, with participants from around the globe. We have groups joining us from Scandinavia and Japan, who come every year. Last year, we even have some delegates from South Korea.

Dr Damur, what do you think participants appreciate most about the AOVET Davos Course?

I think what the participants appreciate most is that our discussions are open and friendly. Everyone is invited and encouraged to become involved.

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