AOVET Principles Course

27. July 2016

A DVM candidate shares her experience at an AOVET Principles course.

Alla Bezhentseva (center), a senior student at the Cummings  School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, with Dr. Michael
Kowaleski (right), Chair of AOVET's Veterinary Experts Group,
and Dr. Carl Kirker-Head, the AOVET International Board Chair

​For Alla Bezhentseva, a 2017 DVM Candidate at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, the AOVET Principles of Small Animal Fracture Management 2016 course in Columbus, Ohio, USA, proved to be a very rewarding experience.

An incredible experience in surgical training

“I became interested in small animal orthopedic surgery between my 1st and 2nd year of veterinary school, and I hope to pursue a surgical residency,” shares Alla, who recently started her first year of clinical training. “Unfortunately, there are limited opportunities to learn more than the absolute basics of orthopedics as a student, so when I found out about the course in Columbus, Ohio, I jumped at the opportunity to attend,” she adds.

At the course, “the experience was incredible. The mechanics of how various fracture types occur, the methods of fracture fixation, and how to interpret radiographs to determine the most appropriate method of fixation were taught by some of the most well-known orthopedic surgeons in the world,” Alla shares. In addition, the “skills labs and practical exercises provided the hands-on practice following each lecture topic, which are regrettably in short supply at veterinary school,” she reveals.

In further describing the course, Alla found that “the attendees included general practitioners, surgical residents, and residents and practitioners from other disciplines.” She also appreciated the lab sessions, where attendees were paired-up together and given one-on-one instruction from a trained AOVET faculty member as needed. “Physically holding the instruments and using fractured bone models was the key for me to understanding the orthopedic principles I had learned in school and during the course lectures,” she conveys.

Supporting clinical training

“The skills I learned in the Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management Course have already helped me in multiple rotations so far in my clinical year,” explains Alla, who is grateful for the experience and looking forward to taking more AOVET courses in the future.


Icon AOVET Course—Principles in Small Animal Fracture Management, Columbus, USA 2016