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AOVET Fellowships

The AOVET Fellowship program offers four to six fellowships per year to provide additional experience in AO techniques for young active veterinary surgeons with an interest in orthopedics and musculoskeletal disorders. These high-value fellowships deliver not only real-world experience but often lead to residencies for our fellows. Strongly connected to the AO, AOVET scholarships are available in four-week increments under the guidance of AOVET member mentors at hospitals and private clinics worldwide.
The AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) provides motivated, young vets with on-site research training within an AAALAC accredited pre-clinical musculoskeletal research facility. 
The ARI veterinary externship helps veterinary students gain practical insight in surgery, anesthesia, laboratory medicine, imaging and orthopedic research. Duration: Two to three months.
The ARI Veterinary research fellowships are for young vets with a strong interest in orthopedic research. Duration: 12 months.

Please note: 2019 application is closed. Next available AOVET Fellowship slots are scheduled for 2020.