The AOVET educational program includes a variety of activities, resources, and community connections. Face-to-face courses remain the mainstay of AOVET education, with eLearning becoming increasingly important. Fellowships are also a crucial educational opportunity. To meet your increasingly complex and varied educational needs, the AOVET Education Commission invests heavily in curriculum development, faculty development, and innovative educational approaches.

As a nonprofit organization, our success and outreach is dependent upon financial and product support of corporations and private sponsors. Consequently, an opportunity now exists for new Manufacturers and Service Providers, related directly or indirectly with the veterinary profession, to partner with AOVET as Education Sponsors for our educational events and aid in our mission of improving patient care across species.

As an AOVET member, you will have access to a broad array of tools and information, including as the award-winning AO Surgery Reference, videos, publications, mobile apps as well as a range of online, self-directed education modules and webinars on this site. Moreover, as part of our AOVET community, you can connect with other AOVET members. 

Courses and Events

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Expand your expertise, and improve your satisfaction as a surgeon and medical expert, throughout your career with on-going education and development. Search our educational resources for material that will help you improve your patient care and fulfill your purpose as a clinician. More


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Education is at the heart of everything we do. Our faculty members are dedicated to sharing their extensive knowledge with the next generation of VET surgeons. More