Who we are 

AOVET is an independent non-profit organization that represents a global network of surgeons, scientists, and other relevant groups highly specialized in the field of veterinary surgery of the musculoskeletal system.  AOVET's mission is to advance the practice of veterinary surgery to improve patient outcomes. This is accomplished by building a network of people with this common goal,  coupled with a love of orthopedics and teaching, to share their experiences, their knowledge, and their expertise in a more collegiate and collaborative way. AOVET courses give veterinarians the tools necessary to deliver expert work on injured animals and orthopedic cases in a peer-to-peer interactive learning environment. AOVET membership gives veterinarians a core group of individuals with whom to communicate, not only to solve clinical problems, but also to enhance their training and career. AOVET research activities aim to produce new findings and develop them into practice through the promotion of experimental and clinical research.

AOVET inspires, sets high standards, and aids in success. AOVET is a family. Be a part of AOVET now!

AOVET has the following objectives and duties:
  • Friendly exchange of experiences in the field of trauma and orthopedics, in close cooperation with colleagues working in the field of human medicine
  • Establishment of principles for the operative and non-operative treatment of musculoskeletal disorders in animals
  • The worldwide promotion of, and assistance with, courses and other training, based on the principles and practice of the AO methods for veterinarians, veterinary students and nursing staff
  • Experimental and clinical research in the entire field of fracture treatment and reconstructive surgery of the musculoskeletal system
  • Maintenance of accurate case records for the purpose of studying outcomes


AOVET is sharing knowledge in an inspiring atmosphere, benefiting from the direct experiences of others, and enhancing careers in the field of veterinary medicine. Join the AOVET family today. Watch video

​AOVET History

Being an integral part of human medical research, animals should too benefit from advances in fracture treatment . Thus, the founding of AOVET in 1969.
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AOVET Governance

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