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New Dawn: World’s First Total Hip Replacement in a Sled Dog  More...

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  • New Dawn: World’s First Total Hip Replacement in a Sled Dog

    Michael and Christine Hanselmann live in the beautiful canton of Appenzell, Switzerland, along with their two children and seven Alaskan Malamutes—the largest and most powerful sled dog on the planet. In 2008, when the sledding family’s ten-month-old dog, Ruede Chuganaai, meaning “Little Sunshine” in Inuit, presented with lameness in his right-hind limb, all stops were pulled out to ensure a brighter future for him.

  • Master in avian & exotics Orthopedics

    First avian and exotic animals course in Dubrvonik. Learn orthopedic skills on cadaver.

  • AOVET Community Survey 2018

    AOVET wants to know your expectations and needs.

  • AO Development Incubator

    Take your innovative idea to the next stage: third call for proposals now open.

  • AOVET is Offering a New Membership Privilege

    AOVET is pleased to announce the launch of AOPEER, the AO Program for Education and Excellence in Research, a research web-based platform to support AO surgeons with their research efforts.

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